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Commercial staircase Project

Our recent commercial staircase project showcases a perfect fusion of stainless steel, oak, and toughened glass, blending contemporary elegance with enduring quality. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the staircase serves as a striking focal point, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. With a 3.0 kN/m balustrade system ensuring safety without compromising on style, this design exemplifies craftsmanship, sophistication, and versatility. Whether in a corporate office, retail store, or hospitality venue, this staircase seamlessly integrates into any commercial setting, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it. Elevate your space with a staircase that embodies both form and function, making a statement of timeless beauty and structural integrity.

Commercial staircase Project


In the world of commercial architecture and design, every element plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance and functionality of a space. Among these, the staircase stands out as both a practical necessity and a design opportunity. Our recent project showcases a stunning blend of stainless steel, oak, and toughened glass in a commercial staircase, designed to meet rigorous safety standards while elevating the aesthetic appeal of the environment.

1. What inspired the choice of materials for this staircase design?

   - The combination of stainless steel, oak, and toughened glass was carefully selected to create a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with various interior styles.

   - Stainless steel offers durability and a sleek, modern look, while oak brings warmth and natural beauty to the design.

   - Toughened glass adds transparency and lightness, contributing to an open and airy feel within the space.

2. How does this staircase design enhance the commercial space?

   - The staircase serves as a striking focal point, making a lasting impression on visitors and occupants alike.

   - By incorporating glass panels, natural light is allowed to flow freely, brightening the area and creating a sense of spaciousness.

   - The use of high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship adds an air of sophistication to the overall ambiance.

3. What is a commercial staircase balustrade, and how does it contribute to safety?

   - A commercial staircase balustrade refers to the railing system installed along the edge of the staircase to provide support and prevent falls.

   - In our project, the balustrade utilizes a 3.0 kN/m system, meaning it can withstand a force of 3.0 kilonewtons per meter, meeting stringent safety regulations for commercial spaces.

   - The combination of stainless steel posts, oak handrail, and toughened glass panels ensures both structural integrity and visual appeal, offering a perfect balance of form and function.

4. How does the design prioritize safety without compromising aesthetics?

   - The stainless steel posts provide sturdy support, ensuring stability and safety for users of the staircase.

   - The 10mm toughened glass panels act as a protective barrier, meeting safety standards without obstructing views or detracting from the design.

   - The oak handrail offers a secure grip, enhancing safety while adding a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

5. Can this staircase design be customized for different commercial settings?

   - Yes, our staircase design can be tailored to suit the specific requirements and style preferences of any commercial space.

   - Whether it's a corporate office, retail store, or hospitality venue, the materials, dimensions, and design details can be customized to seamlessly integrate into various environments.


In the realm of commercial design, attention to detail is paramount. Our recent staircase project exemplifies the perfect marriage of form and function, blending stainless steel, oak, and toughened glass to create a stunning visual centerpiece while prioritizing safety and structural integrity. Elevate your space with a staircase that embodies craftsmanship, style, and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

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